What will a Mortgage Broker do for you?

Before you Go House-Hunting
  • Meet with you personally in an appointment that usually takes about an hour. In this time, I will take you through my unique Home Buyers Guide, explain the home-buying process to you, answer any questions you may have about making an offer on a property, and outline the legal process of purchasing a property.
  • Calculate your borrowing ability, based on your income and expenses. Together, we will go through some loan repayment scenarios, to see which option is going to best suit your individual circumstances.
  • Discuss your requirements in detail, covering things such as current income and living arrangements, any future events that may be relevant to your mortgage etc.
  • Explain the different types of home loans available, outline their various advantages & disadvantages, and make recommendations based on your own situation.
  • Submit your application for pre-approval from the bank of your choice (selected during the process described above).
  • You will receive a written pre-approval along with a cover letter from me outlining the important details of your pre-approval, and outlining what steps to take next.
  • While you are house-hunting, you can contact me at any time for assistance or information. For example, you may wish to re-check possible loan repayments, or to confirm whether or not a registered valuation would be necessary on a particular property.

When you have Found a Suitable Property

  • Once you have an offer accepted on a property, I will liaise with your real estate agent, solicitor and valuer to obtain any necessary paper-work. This ensures a smooth process for you.
  • Meet with ¬†you to finalise loan amount, structure and confirm your loan repayments.
  • After your finance has been confirmed, I will arrange a meeting for you with your bank to set up a funding account for your mortgage.
  • Forward unconditional finance approval to your solicitor, with an email from me outlining the correct loan structure to ensure accuracy of your loan documentation.

After Settlement

  • I will contact you after settlement to ensure your loan repayments are coming out correctly and to see if you have any questions about any aspect of your mortgage (and, of course, you can contact me at any stage if you have any questions or concerns).
  • Take care of any future matters concerning your mortgage. For example, when your fixed loan expires, contact me and I will negotiate a new fixed rate with bank (no charge).
  • When you require additional funds, or decide to purchase a new home in the future, contact me first. You do not have to deal directly with your bank - you can leave it to me to arrange all future mortgage finance, regardless of whether you wish to use the same bank or a new one.
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