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Some of us can remember when our relationship with our bank was much more personal than it is today. The staff knew who we were, and a friendly greeting and name recognition were part and parcel of visiting the bank. In this age of high bank staff turn-over and increased reliance on electronic banking, not many of us get the opportunity to build a long-term personal relationship with our bank. That is one reason why, for many people, their mortgage broker has become the main point of contact for their mortgage.

Because personal relationships are no longer such a key issue at the bank, a mortgage application will stand or fall on the facts provided in the application documentation. That is why it is so important to get it right and that is where an experienced mortgage broker can win through for borrowers.

Not only do I under-take to get it right, I will present you with options that are competitive, easy to understand, and will save you time and money. I pride myself on my service, and aim to be your first point of contact for anything mortgage related, now and in the future.

The volume of mortgages our group handles gives us significant negotiating power with our panel of lenders (see terms of engagement document for which banks I deal with). This means that I will negotiate a very competitive overall package for you, including interest rate, bank fees and other benefits.

I am a keen property investor, with rental properties in Wellington and Queenstown.

I am a registered financial adviser, specialising in mortgages and personal risk insurance.  I have completed the National Certificate in Financial Services, and have a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Personal Risk Management) from Massey University. 

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